Saturday February 25th

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to select their desired at the registration table on Friday or Saturday .

Some workshops have limited space and will be available on a first come first serve basis.

8:00 am to 9:00am Registration

Morning Workshops 9:00am – 12:00pm

Workshop 1: Room 350

A Workshop by the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) presented by Rod Roodenburg and David Coates, Ion Branding & Design.

Chop. Process. Blend.

Applying Design Thinking to Create Innovative and Sustainable Brands

Rod & David
Ion Branding & Design
Theme: Branding / Design Strategy


A simplified process of branding will be presented with a focus on strategy and a dash of creativity, where businesses and product developers can get a handle on their brand. Sharing over 20 years of experience in communication and brand design, Rod Roodenburg and David Coates will present case studies and show how to apply creative design thinking for real-world solutions that empower your organization. Remove the chaos and limit your risk associated with bringing products and services to market. Participate in the design process in real and sustainable ways, where you will be invited to share stories, expertise and design challenges.

Workshop 2: Room 330

A workshop by the Vancouver Chapter of The Interaction Design Association (IXDA) presented by Haig Armin of ECUAD.

Designing Mobile Apps for Behavior Change

Creative Director : LiFT Studios
Theme: Interaction Design

The evolution of mobile devices and affordable broadband connectivity give us, as designers, an incredible opportunity to design for real-time and even long-term behavioral change. Leveraging the platform as an advanced inter-connected social ecosystem provides us with the direct contact that’s often needed for making a lasting impact.
This workshop will include an intense lineup of participatory design exercises that touch on a series of methods for designing compelling user experiences. The focus will be on social responsibility with the intent to affect change at a behavioral level. You will work in teams to execute a design brief that aims at breaking people from a particular set of habits by providing alternatives that result in far-reaching, beneficial effects.

Workshop 3: Room 340

A workshop presented by Research in Motion (RIM/Blackberry) Industrial Designer, Brian .

Making the invisible visible: finding inspiration in the overlooked

Sr. Industrial Designer : Research in Motion
Theme: Design Strategy | Product Development

Designers and artists are trained to be good observers. Often the ordinary can become invisible through consistent daily exposure. A keen sense of curiosity and examination can help bring focus and clarity to the overlooked, making the invisible visible.
Workshop attendees will take a field trip to observe a specified behavior which is often taken for granted. These real world observations will be further analyzed and discussed as a means to inspire and develop ideas through paper prototypes, sketches and storytelling.

Lunchtime Keynote: W. Brett

The Creative Entrepreneur

Room 310

Brett, Founder, the W. Brett Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence, University of Saskatchewan.

A presentation by renowned entrepreneur W. Brett. Bag lunches will be served in Room 301 to ensure that everyone will be able to make it to Brett’s entertaining noon-hour presentation.

For 3 years Brett was a popular panelist on the reality show Dragons’ Den – contributing to making it one of Canada’s most watched television programs. He has used his media profile to promote entrepreneurship and innovation to audiences throughout Canada. He is also host of Risky Business TV, which profiles unique opportunities for investment and entrepreneurship. Brett has received wide recognition for his business and philanthropic leadership. He has been singled out as Alberta’s Business Person of the Year, named Calgary’s Person of the Year, and recognized as a Nation Builder for his role in encouraging entrepreneurship, particularly among youth. In 2010, he received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Royal Roads University. He became a Member of the Order of Canada in 2011.

Afternoon Workshops 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Workshop 4: Room 340

A workshop by GRAND (a federally-funded Network of Centres of Excellence) presented by Dr. Lyn, SFU.

The Command and Control of our Environment (Pending)

Dr. Lyn Bartram
A design charrette focusing on the implications of programmable control. What are the macro implications of being able to sense and control your constructed environment at the micro level? Such capabilities are widely known as not performing up to expectations and can use some innovative design input, from you.

Bio: Lyn Bartram, Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Art and Technology, SFU.

Lyn is a Co-founder and Director of the HVILab at SFU, where she took her PhD in computing science. Her theoretical research interests span perception, computational aesthetics and design principles – all applied to information visualization and human-computer interaction. Together with Rob Woodbury, she is the co-lead of the SFU Team for North house, a fully net-zero solar house entered into the US International Solar Decathlon. Her background includes both academic and industrial experience, and she consults to industry on an ongoing basis in the areas of usability and user experience.

Workshop 5: Room 350

A workshop by Fasken, Martineau, DuMoulin LLP presented by David Wotherspoon.

The Intellectual Property in Your Strategy

David Wotherspoon
Bio: David Wotherspoon, BA, MA, LLB, partner, is a member of Fasken, Martineau, DuMoulin LLP’s Commercial Litigation and National Technology & Intellectual Property Groups.

Primarily focused on IP litigation, David has assisted clients in all corresponding facets. David acts as counsel in arbitrations related to intellectual property and information technology disputes. His prior experience as a news photographer led to his curiosity in media issues. This transferred into his legal career as he pursued matters of defamation and media issues. Many of David’s cases have involved protecting businesses that have been targeted in a way that requires swift action and often injunctions to safeguard clients’ rights. For more than a decade, David has also been involved in technology disputes – typically complex transactions that include establishing the contractual basis for ownership of technological capital.

Workshop 6: Room 291 (North Building)
Entry to this workshop is limited and is based on application or invitation

A workshop and roundtable presented by The Association of Canadian Industrial Designers (ACID) chaired by Chris O’Brien Wheeler, ACID National President.

National Innovation Policy Workshop and Round Table

Representative attendees will enter into a round table discussion in this workshop on the prospects for a national design policy and strategy framework. The intent of this discussion is to link interests, identify the range of positions across sectors, and establish a position for further developments and discussions. The challenges of Canadian innovation policies and strategies will be treated with a view to fashioning the next step.

BIO: Christopher O’Brien Wheeler, B.Des ACID BCID
Chris is the current President of the Association of Canadian Industrial Designers (ACID) and Past President of the British Columbia Industrial Designer’s Association (BCID). Chris is the founder and Director of Design at Unique Industrial Design Inc. [UNIQUE:ID], a partner company of Pacific Design Engineering [PDE] in Vancouver, BC. Chris has 12 years of professional industrial design and product development experience. His portfolio includes consumer product design, industrial machine design, electronic enclosures, medical products, and outdoor rugged and extreme weather enclosures, plus various mining, exploration, alternate energy and transportation design projects. Chris is the founder of Aria Wind Power Systems Inc. [2005] an early stage venture for ducted wind & tidal turbines and hybrid power systems integration. Chris’ pre-professional education involved studying at the Fachhochschule Pforzheim in Pforzheim Germany in 1998 and earning his bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the Emily Carr University of Art & Design 1995-1999. For information about ACID activities call Chris 604-681-3075 or visit UNIQUE:ID or ACID

Workshop 7: Room 360

One Day Design Office (ODDO)

Note: This workshop permits attendees to “drop in”

This open workshop is organized and conceived by Maia Rowan and Andreas Eiken, Emily Carr Industrial Design students.

Attendees are invited to observe the problem solving process in this workshop on an ad hoc basis, especially if they are limited in their ability to commit 3 hours of time to other afternoon workshops.

One Day Design Office is a workshop bringing local business and design students together. The objective is to demonstrate how design can improve
products and services. Participating businesses are paired with a team of Industrial, Communication, and Interaction Design students. Each enterprise will express a business need and a brief, which the students will address utilizing various design methods as appropriate, from problem statement to proof of concept over the course of the afternoon.
Businesses will get an introduction to design as a tool for enterprise strategy, are provided with an opportunity to have a specific need addressed, and will have access to student expertise. Students will experience collaboration across three design disciplines, an opportunity to connect to local businesses needs, and the application of the design process to a real world setting.
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